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Southeast Homeschool Expo

Every year, I make it a priority to attend the Southeast Homeschool Expo just north of Atlanta, Georgia- in Marietta. I use it in my own homeschool journey as a pre-planning of sorts. It's my time, usually alone, to collect my thoughts and make big plans for the upcoming school year. It wraps my summer in a way that gets me excited and reinvigorated to succeed on my homeschool path!


❗️It's SO cheap to attend! I usually sign up when the registration is free and all I have to pay is the mailing fee to have my badge sent to me. At the bottom of this post, I'll include a link so you can get in on the free/cheap action. But hurry- that special ends TODAY.

No fear though- even if you miss registering by the 15th, it's still VERY affordable!

❗️I can shop for "convention pricing" deals on my curriculum. Lots of vendors set up for you to buy in person or order with them for special convention pricing

❗️I like to thumb through curricula before selecting what's next for our family. Searching for the perfect curriculum online is SO overwhelming. The expo is creat for this visual learning mama!

❗️There are classes for allllll types of homeschoolers. You don't have to attend classes while there, but since so many interesting, varied talking points are offered- I always sit in on at least 5 classes. Over the years I have found reassurance for me as a teacher to my reluctant reader AND I've brought back valuable resources and ideas for my tutoring clients who are facing transcripts and college decisions!

❗️Its just fun to get away. Like I said, I usually go alone and treat it as my little reward to myself for all my work as a homeschooler through the year. Hotel room to myself? Yes please. Meals I don't have to share? Yes please. Book Shopping while I can think? Yes please!

However, there are plenty of homeschoolers who bring their whole crew. There's a kids area where they plan awesome activities and hang out. This is for young ones and teens! And some kiddos sit in with their parents in class. It's all very welcoming and diverse. One year the conference fell on my oldest daughter's birthday. I made a special trip out of it and let her go with me. Now it's a special rite of passage that we're doing one time with each of our children. This year is my middle daughter's year to go and I'm excited for the one on one time with her!

If you have any questions about the expo- I'm happy to answer! Here is the email I just received with the discount link.

I hope to bring a smaller version to the greater Savannah area at The Hub in the future. But for now- this is a great opportunity that's not TOO far away.


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