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2024/2025 Monday Unit Study Pods

2024/2025 Monday Unit Study Pods

An exciting addition to our 2024-2025 school year!


Hub Membership is required for this class.


This fun learning environment will provide parents with up to 5 hours of time while their student is fully engaged in a fun, inviting, and educational way!

There will be two pods offered. One pod will focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) skills while the other will focus on the Humanities side of learning (history, reading, writing). We will NOT be following any certain curriculum for these pods. I am including a sample lesson plan below. All activities will be leveled up or down to meet each child where they are at. While older students will write paragraphs, younger students will focus on word and sentence formation. Older students may work equations while younger students work on simple adding and subtracting skills.


There are other co-ops, drop off programs, and micro schools in our area. We hope to be a creative supplement if you're already involved in one of these area programs. But if you aren't- we hope you find the deep and broad coverage to be just what you've been looking for!


These pods may be paid in full, in advance. However, if you need this broken into payments, select the deposit option below, and you will be set up with a plan to ensure your students are included. 50% must be paid before September 1st, with classes starting September 9. The remaining balance will be billed over September, October, and November. By November 30, your student will be paid in full for the entire school year. If you fail to meet these requirements, you will be foreiting your spot for the spring semester, losing any monies previously paid towards that balance. If you choose not to attend, your deposit and payments will NOT be refunded. Course availability and teacher staffing must be decided in advance, and we have to ensure we are set up for success. These classes come out to start at just $25 each or $40 for the day. Prices are based on an estimated 33 class meetings, but even with potential holidays or inclimate weather, etc- we believe these classes to be provided at an immense value!


Pricing for the year:

one pod elem$825

one pod m/h$990

both elem$1320

both m/h$1650

At this time, the STEM pod is planned for 9:30-12:00, the Humanities pod is planned for 12:00-2:30. However, if the pod classes are very popular, we may have to adjust to put our students on a rotation.

Preschool- potty trained and working ready to play with friends, work on calendar skills, letters and numbers. No prerequisites other than being able to make a bathroom trip on their own.

Primary- ages about Kindergarten to about 2nd grade. This is not a rigid guideline with specific age requirements. This group should have basic number and letter awareness. Don’t have to be able to read fluently or “do math” but be ready to learn these things.

Elementary- about 3rd grade to about 5th grade. These students will likely be reading but they’ll never be asked or forced to read aloud. Some basic adding and subtracting would be expected but they won’t be quizzed 😜

Middle- about 6th-8th grade

High- about 9th-12th grade.

There is flexibility in the groupings. We want everyone to be in a group that’s developmentally appropriate and comfortable.



Unit: Ancient Egypt


1- Carbon Dating

2- Model Half Life

3- Units of Measure using artifacts

-- length, mass vs weight

4- Explore density and bouyancy.

5- Build a model of ancient structures using unconventional materials



1- Historical Fiction Story

2- Imagine life in this time period, discuss

3- write 5 ideas from your imagination discussion

4- Turn your 5 ideas into a story (young- draw and simple sentence narration, older- full paragraph development)

5- Grammar Focus- parts of a story (intro, climax, conflict, resolution, etc)

6- Simulate an Archaelogical Dig (possibly bringing in an Archaeologist or Anthropologist)


Time Permitting:

Art project using natural dyes we make ourselves gathering natural materials around The Hub.


There will be a fifteen minute lunch period at the end/beginning and during transition. For students who attend both pods this will total a 30 minute lunch and social break. For students attending one or the other, it will allow for easing in or out of the pod learning time so none of our planned instructional time is eaten up with administrative work.


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