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24-25 4th-6th Science, W 1:00

Student must have a paid Hub Membership to participate in this class.  


Mrs. Jennifer will be teaching this class.  



Using the book Science in the Beginning by Dr. Jay Wile as a guide, we will be covering a variety of topics including light, water, rocks, solar system, birds, and more.  Each class, we will complete 2-3 hands-on activities and discuss some key ideas about the topics.  Students will use a journal to take notes and will learn the proper steps in conducting science experiments.  If you wish to purchase the book, students can read the lessons at home and take notes.  (There is also a Helps & Hints companion book that includes tests.) If you do not wish to purchase the book, I will email the topics covered each week and will sometimes send some optional homework so that you can have your students investigate and learn more about the topics at home.  (4th-6th is a loose recommendation, middle schoolers also welcome)


**There is a faith component to this curriculum.  All are welcome.  Families can use this as a talking point at home for what they believe.  But we always want to be up front with the content.   


If paying by semester, second semester must be paid in November.  By registering, you agree to a full year.  Pay by semester is a convenience offered to members. 

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