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24-25 Middle School Book Club/Book Study Projects W 11:30

Student must have a paid Hub Memberhip to participate in this course. 


Mrs Shannon will lead this Middle School level book club/book study project based class.


Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Jenni will work together to choose interesting and engaging books for students to read at home.  In class, students will complete hands on projects and discuss their favorite parts of the books.  Some books will be light hearted silly reads while others will be classics that students have been reading for generations.  At the Middle Grades level, we will begin digging a little deeper looking for symbolism.   The hope with this class is to provide external motivation and excitement to lead to a lifetime love of reading! 


If you choose to pay for one semester at a time, the second semester will be due in November.  By purchasing this course, you agree to a full year of tuition.  

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