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4/25/24 Th 12:00/12:45 Tween & Teen Book Club- 2 choices!

4/25/24 Th 12:00/12:45 Tween & Teen Book Club- 2 choices!

12:00 Wings of Fire- there are so many books in this collection. The students are loving it. So they’ll continue on.

12:45 Little Women. Should have read through the end of Ch 6

On Amazon the one that says teachers pick “Bantam Classic”

Little Women (Bantam Classics)

Students may still enjoy lunch at The Hub, however, they must be signed up for one of the book clubs. Also- a chat with students about indoor behavior, being respectful to the adult supervisor, and cleaning up after themselves after eating- would be MUCH appreciated. If you have an avid reader who would be interested in BOTH book club sessions, they're welcome to do so and enjoy their lunch during book club!


There is a graphic novel version of the Wings of Fire book, I would really prefer everyone to have the actual novel. Here is a link to Amazon: The Dragonet Prophecy (Wings of Fire #1) (1): Sutherland, Tui T.: 9780545349239: Books


There will be some opportunities to expand the learning beyond just read and discuss. Great for families who want to add a little something more to their ELA plans.


We would love to have new friends!

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