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SUMMER Homeschool Open Forum

SUMMER Homeschool Open Forum

This is an event for PARENTS.

New to Homeschool??

Not so new, but still have questions?

Seasoned vet and just love to talk about homeschool?

This Homeschool Roundtable Chat is for you!! This is NOT just a plug for The Hub. I’ll happily answer Hub questions at this event, but this is truly just an info session on homeschool in general!

JULY 1 @ 6:00pm

JULY 22 @ 6:00pm


If you have littles that need to tag along, please indicate that at check out. We will cover child care for $10 per FAMILY (not per child). Note- If you register less than 48 hours out, we may not be able to secure childcare.


If you have older children who need to tag along, they may sit with you or they can bring a book or some work to do in the lobby.


There will be light snacks and drinks available for parents. If you would like to, you can contribute towards that. But it’s not required so we can keep it as affordable as possible. Venmo for that is @thehubforstudents (I’ll keep working to see if I can incorporate it here somehow)


A sampling of topics-

-types of homeschooling

-resources in our area

-day to day routines and schedules

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