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24-25 Middle School Writing W 9:30

24-25 Middle School Writing W 9:30

Student must have a paid Hub Membership to participate in this class.


Mrs Jennifer will lead this course.


Writing (Middle School)

Throughout this writing class, students will learn nine different structures and many style techniques that will enhance their writing ability.  These structures can be used to write in any subject and will provide them with tools that will help them in their future writing as well.  We will be using materials by the Institute for Excellence in Writing. They have many wonderful resources.  We will be using the book Following Narnia Volume 1: The Lion’s Song. All students must purchase at least the Student book.  I would also recommend the Teacher’s manual so that you can help them at home during the week.  Students will be expected to complete the writing assignments at home each week. The assignments do also include reading the first 3 books of the Narnia series throughout the year; however, it is possible to complete this class without doing the reading.  There are a few lessons that your student will need to find a different source if he/she is not reading the books. Ideally, parents/teachers should have the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style notebook and watch the accompanying videos.  I have gone through this training and will do my best to share the pertinent information for each week if you do not wish to make this investment.  This class will hopefully provide tools to help your student enjoy and excel in writing.  


When adding this class to your cart, you have the option to pay by the semester.  If you chose this option, the second semester will be due in November.  By signing up for this class, you are committing to the full year.  Pay by semester is offered to our members as a convenience. 


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