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24-25 4th-6th grade ELA- Grammar, W 11:30

24-25 4th-6th grade ELA- Grammar, W 11:30

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Mrs Jennifer will lead this course.


Grammar (4th-6th grade, MS also welcome) 

Grammar is the foundation of our ability to express ourselves.  Learning the basics of the English language not only helps the students become better speakers, readers, and writers, but it also helps prepare them for learning other languages in the future.  We will be going through each of the 8 parts of speech while learning some of the rules that apply to them, the jobs that they do in a sentence and how to put them together to make good sentences.  We will also cover capitalization rules, punctuation rules, usage, types of sentences, homophones, multiple-meaning words, similes, idioms and more if time allows.  I will provide homework each week to provide further practice for what we cover in class.   Parents are the homeschool teachers, so it is up to you how much you want them to do at home.  Let me know if you want me to check their work.  If you want more practice, you can always pick up a grammar workbook or print off additional practice online. (4th-6th is a loose recommendation, middle schoolers who need support in grammar are also welcome)


When adding this class to your cart, you have the option to pay by the semester.  If you chose this option, the second semester will be due in November.  By signing up for this class, you are committing to the full year.  Pay by semester is offered to our members as a convenience. 


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