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24-25 Earth Science Labs & Activities Th 11:30

Student must have a paid Hub Membership to participate in this class.  


Mrs. Jenni will be teaching this class.  


While we do not follow the standards set forth by the state, we will be using the list below as our launchpad for coming up with labs, activities, and projects to do through the year.  There will be approximately 30 class meetings.  Earth Science is considered to be part of the Middle School science path in public schools and most private schools.  However, this is open to mature 4th graders through high school.  


There is no required text to purchase as we are just following the guide below.  But topics will be outlined in parent communication regularly so you can use that to plan your own homeschool daily tasks.  The fee for this class includes supplies. 


Link to topics:  


If paying by semester, second semester must be paid in November.  By registering, you agree to a full year.  Pay by semester is a convenience offered to members. 

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