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Why a BLOG for The Hub?!

Facebook has been such a helpful place to share everything The Hub is doing for our students! But, we realize that not everyone has facebook, and sometimes old posts are hard to find.

In the blog section of The Hub, you'll find activities we have done during the week along with photos of students engaged in them. We will also share the supplies you will need to recreate The Hub fun in your own home. I spend a ton of time on Pinterest curating a collection of activities. I want to create a place where all my scrolling and collecting can be easily accessed. Along the way if there is more you want to know about something related to The Hub, feel free to send me a message or comment with ideas.

I would also like to help share what I have learned over the years about homeschooling, education in general, and students. By no means am I an expert- but I am always happy to learn more and share what I know.

If you happen to stumble across this blog randomly, it may be important to you to know that we homeschool and offer activities out of the Savannah area in Georgia.

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